Shark Trim and Detail Double Saw 7" 24 and 19 TPI (cross)

Manufactured by: Image of Shark Shark

SKU: 010-2205


  • Manufacturer Part #: 10_2205

Shark Trim and Detail Double Saw is a superior double saw designed for trim, detail, flush and jamb cuts, and other fine craft and hobby work.  Its teeth are ground to the end of the blade, making it ideal for flush cutting molding and mid-panel plunge cuts.  This high performance Shark Trim and Detail Double Saw’s blade is make from the finest Japanese high-carbon spring steel.  Its sharp teeth are triple diamond-ground and electrically impulse-hardened for lost lasting sharpness and fast, effortless, exceptionally clean cuts. The soft elastomer handle provides a secure grip at a comfortable cutting angle, and the simple twist-lock blade makes blade replacement quick and easy.  This Shark Trim and Detail Double Saw is prized by finish carpenters, flooring professionals, and serious, skilled woodworkers because of its efficiency and convenient compact size that easily fits into most tool bags.

Made in Japan

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