Shark Super Fine Cut Saw 10 5/8" 19 TPI

Manufactured by: Image of Shark Shark

SKU: 010-2410


  • Manufacturer Part #: 10_2410

Shark  Super Fine Cut Saw

Designed for finish carpenters and skilled woodworkers, the Shark  Super Fine Cut Saw features a 17-point blade for ultra fast, super-smooth cutting even in hardwoods. An extremely narrow kerf (0.017 inches) performs superbly on those precise molding and intricate trim jobs, and cuts as thin as 1/32 inches. A high-carbon Japanese spring steel blade construction means optimal durability and longer tool life. The blade cuts when drawn toward you for more natural, smoother, straighter, and less fatiguing sawing operations. No downward pressure required, just let the weight of the saw do the work for you. With a spine for extra stability, and an extremely tight, 17-tpi tooth set, the Shark  Super Fine Cut Saw cuts exceptionally smooth in a variety of woods such as oak, ebony, and exotic imported species such as ironwood. Cuts are ready for immediate gluing; sanding is rarely, if ever, required, making the Shark  Super Fine Cut Saw a boon for furniture makers, boat builders, artisans, and all genres of fine-woodworkers.

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