Shark Saw Multi-Angle Saw 10 5/8" 15 TPI

Manufactured by: Image of Shark Shark

SKU: 010-2311


  • Manufacturer Part #: 10_2311

Shark Saw Multi-Angle Saw

This unique Shark Saw Multi-Angle Saw’s handle adjusts to any angle to make short work of hard cuts.  Loosen the knob and adjust the blade angle for the job.  Flush cuts, undercuts, cutting molding on the wall.  Wherever there is a tight fit.  The blade is made from the finest Japanese high carbon spring steel.  It’s teeth are diamond ground on three cutting edges and reach all the way to the tip of the blade, perfect for plunge cuts.  The Shark Saw Multi-Angle Saw features a patented pistol grip handle with comfortable soft elastomer and a simple twist lock blade for quick replacement and easy toolbox storage.

Made in Japan

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