Shark Fine Cut Double Saw 9 1/2" 17 TPI (cross) and 9 TPI (rip)

Manufactured by: Image of Shark Shark

SKU: 010-0241


  • Manufacturer Part #: 10_2440

Shark  Fine Cut Double Saw

The Shark  Fine Cut Double Saw has a precision ground blade for accuracy and a traditional Japanese design for exceptionally straight cuts, even overhead. Its flexible blade features 17 tpi crosscut teeth and 9 tpi rip teeth. Many professionals use the Shark  Fine Cut Double Saw to cut door molding and casing coverings and for cuts where precision outweighs speed. It’s great for trimming the bottom of a door to accommodate thick carpeting—without removing the door from its hinges. The Shark  Fine Cut Double Saw is ideal for finish carpenters, flooring professionals, and serious, skilled woodworkers. It easily cuts large pieces of foam board, plywood, and particle board and slices through melamine without chipping.
Recommended For: All sizes of plywood, particle board, foam board, melamine, molding, wood siding, staircase construction, accurate cuts at all angles.

Made in Japan

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