Shark General Carpentry Saw 15" 10 TPI

Manufactured by: Shark

SKU: 010-2315


  • Manufacturer Part #: 10_2315

Shark  General Carpentry Saw

The Shark  General Carpentry Saw is absolutely the best saw for dimensional lumber, thick plywood, and treated lumber of all sizes.  It easily and smoothly carves through PVC and ABS pipes up to 10” in diameter.  Because it’s a pull-to-cut saw, undercuts (from the bottom up) are a snap.  The blade of this high performance saw is made from the finest Japanese high carbon spring steel.  The sharp teeth are triple diamond ground and electrically impulse hardened for long lasting sharpness and fast, effortless, exceptionally clean cuts.  The patented pistol grip handle with soft elastomer on the Shark  General Carpentry Saw provides a secure grip and a comfortable cutting angle.  This saw feature a simple twist lock blade for quick and easy replacement and compact toolbox storage.  It is truly a must have saw for anyone who appreciates great hand tools.

Made in Japan

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